Original drawing for Delgados album cover


Today I was digging through some old files… and I mean non-digital stuff. I came a cross an old 12″ record mailer marked ‘drawings’. Flicking through, I found some old friends from the past, some of which I’ll show over time. This is probably the one that has become most well known. This is the original drawing for the Delgados‘ album, Universal Audio, released in 2004.

I remember the day very well. We were supposed to be presenting ideas and to be perfectly honest, I didn’t have much to show. I think they were due to come in at midday. I was in our office in the west end of Glasgow and it was around 10am and suddenly I had a proper and true lightbulb moment. I raced back to my house over in the deep south side of Glasgow in my Mini Metro (yes, really) and dug this portable record player from the attic and brought it back to the office, drew it, scanned it, traced it and coloured it and probably screeched in the completed artwork about 4 minutes before the meeting.

Fortunately, it worked and I subsequently illustrated the two singles that came from the album too (for a later date).

I suppose we all like to plan projects as much as possible, but there is a lot to be said about deadlines and last minute inspiration.

(If you want to see the final coloured version, take a look here)

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