Capture Works

As result of the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses had to react and adapt. Capture Works became a unique way to engage with fans and audience wherever they are, connecting bands and brands to the world and transforming the audience experience – a safe, distanced live recording and streaming facility for musicians, DJs, podcasters, educational facilities and corporate events

The project developed as an immersive, technical and artistic collaboration between A-Live and Nightsky who are live event suppliers for high end equipment, with engineers and technicians experienced at working the biggest live events creating a live event experience for high quality streaming and live capture in a safe environment, which can be broadcast live through any chosen platform or capture and record for post-production.

The client came to me with a rough sketch that needed some of the tender, loving treatment to bring it to life – crisp, clean font work that can work on any background with stylised speech marks – an industrial look and feel to echo the warehouse space that houses Capture Works.

Capture Works is on Facebook and on Instagram

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