Highland Spring

Highland Spring

Now this was a bit of a different project! I worked with Bright Signals on this 8-Bit style game for the Scottish bottled water brand Highland Spring to launch their new eco-bottle, designing everything from the characters and backgrounds; all the assets like hydration stations, bottles, pieces of litter, obstacles etc.; the instruction screens and all the incidental screens. It was a tight, tight deadline but very rewarding. I had to learn a new software, work remotely with a team I, still to this day, have never physically met and deliver very quickly.

Imagine the feeling when I took my littlest child to Glasgow Central Station to find that there was a big Highland Spring promotional stand complete with a screen with the ‘Recycling Hero’ game to play. Cool Dad Points earned that day!

You can play the game over on the Highland Spring web site right here.

It was an ‘up against it’ sort of project. Pressure can be a great motivator.

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