The Mansefield House postcard image of a line up of wellington boots

Mansefield House

I’m really proud of this project, and I’ll tell you why. It is something I worked on for one of our own businesses, and as self-employed people, we never celebrate our own businesses enough. For years we talked about creating a welcome postcard for Mansefield House but could never quite decide on the image that would suit. We have hundreds of pictures of the front of the house (which is very pretty) but I wanted to have something a little more intimate that summed up the Mansefield House ethos. Mansefield is a home from home. We want you to come and stay and feel at home.

For me the image sums up the idea of family, of groups and get-togethers. The wellies are all ones that our kids have worn, grown out of, until the next in line fits them. The best thing for me about this mini-project is that our youngest child (at that point, aged 10) was fully involved with the photoshoot, helping with set-up, lights and picture selection. Photography and graphic design was by me, the rest was done by family.

It’s a tiny project but, for me, arguably one of the most satisfying I have ever done. Team work is incredible. Family work is even better. Even if they don’t realise it x

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