One Final Vinyl?

Today I bought a record. A vinyl record. Something I haven’t done for years. Many, many years.

I used to have a lot of records. A big dj collection. Maybe not a lot by many djs’ standards, but a lot. Then one day I sold them all. Every single one. Anything between eight and ten thousand records gone in one go.

Why? It was time. At that time, it was time.

Anyway, fast forward over a decade and a half and I bought a record. I love this album. I downloaded it the day it came out. I bought the CD  very soon after. I didn’t need the vinyl copy.

Today, I bought a record.

Wandering around Edinburgh we found ourselves outside a record shop I haven’t been into since I don’t know when. My step-daughter wanted to go in and so we did. Instantly, I was transported back to the days of digging through crates – racks of vinyl looking for gems. For a moment I just stood and looked around, taking it all in as she flicked through hip hop records (she’s cool like that).

I was ready to head out of the shop, then she finds the Little Simz album and points it out, double pack ‘exclusive red and yellow vinyl’. I looked at it; I held it; felt the weight of it; tilted it in the light to take in the foil lettering. Red and yellow vinyl (reller army!). I put it back, stepped away, paused, and then in a snap, I went back over and now it’s mine,

Vinyl. I think I might be back in love.


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