peace sign hand signal


I created this image for a New Year’s Day social media post because I felt helpless that there is so much conflict in the world. So many innocent people are being killed and maimed unnecessarily, yet war has never solved anything.

Art has always been a tool to challenge. Art and graphic design have always been a channel for creators to question the unchallenged view of war and conflict, whatever the medium.

I grew up reading i-D and The Face magazines, and some of the most powerful images that stuck in my mind from the time were the most simple. I wanted to create something that evoked memories of 90s magazine imagery; simple photography; cut-out, flat colour background and overlaid contrast text.

I still feel helpless because I don’t know what difference it makes, but maybe if one person sees this and it spurs them on to do something or create something, then that’s all I can hope for.

Peace is an aspiration. Love is the answer.


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