Double denim

Style X Fashion part 2

Double denim seems to be either one thing or another. Revered or reviled.

Now, the revere or revile depends on denim’s particular place in the fashion timeline, so here is where style comes in. This is why style will always be more important than fashion.

The important thing is combination. How clothes sit together, how they fit, combining shapes, styles and colours.

What we have here is a new Levis denim jacket worn over a skinnier, more worn one. For me, Denim is the most fascinating fabric. Rather than going from being new to looking past its best very quickly like a lot of fabrics, denim ages and becomes a story in itself.

The top jacket is roughly a year old, still completely indigo, still crisp. The jacket below is one I bought from a second hand shop somewhere around 2009 so who knows how old it really is. The texture of the contrasting denims, with the darks and lights they bring, is almost sculptural. Twin with a Ralph Lauren camo scarf and it feels lovely. Quite frankly, the two Ruffwear dog leads add to the look. (I’d like to point out that I was out walking dogs, it’s not a New Romantic throwback sort of thing).

My point is this, you can wear what you want. You don’t need to conform to the fashions of the day. Stride out.

Fashion passes, style never goes away. Live it and love it.


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