The imager shows a Brooks saddle, which the blog post is about

There Is No Devil In The Detail

‘The devil is in the detail’ is a phrase I have heard many times in life. Given that ‘the devil’ is supposed to be all that is bad in this world, I cannot relate.

I’m currently working on a bicycle refurbishment project and to be frank (Hiya Frank! Whoever you are.), it’s all about the detail. This project is definitely driven by style. The function will not be compromised, but the most important thing is the look.

Whatever aspect of the businesses I’m involved in, the one thing that runs through my life is design. Good design should never be underestimated.

For this build, I chose the Brooks C17 Copper saddle to complement the style and colour of the frame. It’s a detail and all will be revealed in due course, but for now, there is no devil in this project, only joy and love.

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